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When I found Strong Future International (SFI) I was looking for a home business opportunity I could use to supplement my income. My computer networking business I run was taking up way too much of my time, causing me to be away from my family in the evenings, and the money wasn't worth all my time. I wanted something I could run from my laptop at home whenever I had time to spend on it.

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After an extensive search and several "lost causes" I decided to give SFI a try. I'm glad I did!! Not only is SFI a great company with a proven track record, but their training program and support is the best I've seen. Now I can spend as many or as few hours as I want on my online business each day, allowing me to spend much more time with my family. We like to spend lots of time at the beach, play as many sports as possible and are constantly building or tinkering around the new house. If you are serious about running a successful online business I think you should definitely look long and hard at what SFI has to offer. You would be working with a reputable online company with a good track record. You can test drive it for FREE for as long as you want, once you decide to sign up, it is easy to join, the support for new affiliates is great and the products they have in their line are things most people use all the time. The best thing I find about SFI is the support and the materials at my disposal to make my computer home business successful.

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My vision is to make a supplemental income from my online business over the next two years. After that I would like to grow my home business to match or surpass my current income. Who knows, maybe even retire early and work my online business full time!!
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